The Flower Of Life - A Pattern Of Creation

Published: 12th April 2010
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The Flower Of Life dates back to the 18th Dynasty of Egypt and is a pattern that represents all creations in the universe. There are thirteen circles in this symbol that represent everything, from the beginning of life to the afterlife. It is used in all major religions in the world and is considered to have within it the power and knowledge of the universe.

A Flower of Life pendant can be found in various different sizes and can make an ideal gift for anyone. Those who are looking for something out of the ordinary when it comes to giving jewelry, or simply purchasing something for themselves, can take a look at this unique symbol that dates back to ancient times and captures all of the secrets of the universe, secrets that it is believed the ancient Altantians discovered before the destruction of Atlantis.

There are mathematical rules hidden in the shape of the Power of Life that were used to hide the Fruit of Life, which is the beginning of the very essence of life, the Ovum. The mathematical rules consist of thirteen circles, that stem out of the Fruit Of Life and connect to one another, very similar to a molecular structure. The mystery of the Flower of Life is that it existed back in ancient times, long before scientists understood or detected the existence of the molecule. The pattern is complex and forms five three dimensional shapes that symbolize all structures of the universe as well as every creature living. These are known as the Platonic Solids.

There are also special qualities hidden into the Flower of Life pendant that include the right side of the brain, the left side of the brain and life itself. Also include is the Fourth Dimension, of which the ancient Egyptians were aware and consists of the afterlife. The reason behind the Flower Of Life was to reinstate the believe in One True Force.

Special qualities in the Flower Of Life are the Right Eye of Horus, the Left Eye of Horus and the Middle Eye of Horus as well as the knowledge of the Almighty and the afterlife. They create the five dimensions of this very symbolic shape that is seen throughout the world.

The Flower of Life symbol is found all over the world and in virtually all religions. It symbolizes life everlasting and the special qualities that are within all of us, as well as the belief in One True Force that guides us all. Those who are looking for special jewelry with symbolic meaning that dates back to the ancient Atlantian race, resurrected by the Ancient Egyptians and is still with us today, can get a Flower of Life Pendant, ring or even a bracelet.

The symbolic meaning behind the Flower Of Life encompasses all beliefs and can be used as a way to give someone the gift that has more meaning behind it than any other piece of symbolic jewelry found in the world today.

Those who are looking for something unique when it comes to symbolic jewelry can find it with the flower of life pendant. The flower of life is one of the most unique symbols in the world and is often used in jewelry today as it has been since ancient times. To find out more go to Ka Gold Jewelry.

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